In residency in October from 14 to 31, 2013

Creating in space and in movement a “radiophonic” piece to “listen to,” as suggested by the German word Hörspiel : this project is a priori both surprising and paradoxical. 
Thomas Hauert has been fascinated since his childhood by the many popular programs in German-speaking countries which invite us into worlds without images, worlds whose landscapes and drama surprise us from behind, from the side, from inside ourselves. 
For this creation Thomas Hauert is working with the Colombian composer Fredy Vallejos, whom he met at IRCAM (the Institute for Research and Acoustic and Musical Coordination). They are creating a piece with neither a story nor characters, choosing instead of a linear narrative structure a composition consisting of polyphonic, abstract fragments. They are creating a cloud of sensations which will surround the audience, who will then be open to a poetic, somewhat disconcerting experience. By seeking to free us from language, linear thought and the typical performance vehicle, Thomas Hauert is inviting us to appreciate the volatility and the complexity of our subjective consciousnesses. 
The choreographer, an artisan of the subtle alchemy between improvisation and composition, will be using eight dancers from his company and a violist. Together they will create sounds and movements in a perpetually reconfiguring space, short-circuiting our previous forms of thinking and immersively and empathetically stimulating our own battered bodies. 

— Thomas Hauert 
He is a Swiss choreographer who now lives in Brussels. He has danced with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Gonnie Heggen, David Zambrano and Pierre Droulers. He founded his company, ZOO, in 1997, for which he created Cows in space (1998) as well as more than fifteen other works. 
Many of his dancers have been with him since the company’s inception, working closely with him on the tensions and possible articulations between order and disorder, form and the lack of form, freedom and constraint and groups and individuals.