In residency in April 22 to 30, 2016

What makes us participate in a social ceremony? How does the performance, as a social ceremony, impact the way we relate to each other? What determines our involvement in it and what control do we have over our emotional self during this act?
These questions are played out and explored in Godder’s new creation, Common Emotions.
In it, 6 performers Shuli Enosh, Dor Frank, Ayala Frenkel, Uri Shafir, Ari Tepperberg and Ofir Yudilevich, share the stage with guests, from the audience, blending and mixing the formal separation between performative space and the spectators’ seats. Adding a new secretive communal zone, behind the back curtain, the audience and the performers interact and exchange with each other, as they attempt to explore emotional infectiousness and connectivity.  
Conveying emotional information via practical workshops the performers share inner unspoken experiences and attempt to charge the audience/guests with ingredients that will boost possible participation and change their viewing position. All of this plays back into the stage, where the performance continues in a developing  effort at staying presentational and frontal.
Being influenced by her country's interest in creating a strong emotional narrative that bonds society, Godder is inviting us to a live lab that researches the meaning of participation and its impact on us as individuals and groups.
Enabling us to look at it both as an aesthetic phenomenon as well as to experience it through our bodies and senses.

— Yasmeen Godder
She was born in Jerusalem and raised in New York City. She moved back to Israel in 1999, and has been based there since. Internationally her work is been presented extensively at venues such as Lincoln Center Festival, Tokyo International Festival, HAU in Berlin, the Place Theater in London, Montpellier Dance Festival in France, Kunstenfestdesarts in Brussles, the Sydney Opera House and many more.
Yasmeen is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Bessie Award, NY in 2001, The Israeli Ministry of Cultural Affairs prizes for choreographer and company, the Rabinovich Foundation Award, the Tel-Aviv Municipality's Rosenblum Prize, the Lottery's "Landau Prize" among others. In 2007, the Yasmeen Godder Studio has been opened in Jaffa, a home for all of her activity and projects.

May 06, 2016 - Tanz und Theatre Festivalde Freiburg, (Germany)