In residency in June from 10 to 21, 2013

With this new project, Air, initiated through a residency Dupont did at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, he continues his explorations of acoustic material and movement. 
Vincent Dupont has conceived this choreographic work for two acoustic bodies in dialogue with a quartet of singers, with the audience placed between the singers and the dancers, at the exact spot in which the dialogue would take place.
Air was strongly inspired by a short film by Jean Rouch called Les tambours d'avant (The drums from before), in which the filmmaker and ethnologist who had come to film a possession ritual in a village of the Niger, but who was having to wait – turned his camera on for a final sequence. 
The drums stop, but he continues to film, and there, in front of the entire assembled village, an old woman wrapped in a blanket begins a dance of possession. And at that exact moment he begins a traveling shot, backing up and allowing us to imagine this dance. 
I imagined this woman’s dance, facing the entire population of her village, the stakes involved in revealing something fundamental about her body and her voice. 
Air seeks to find out what happens in this trance triggered by the gaze of others, our gaze – and what its message may be.”Vincent Dupont

— Vincent Dupont 
He works in several media (choreography, installation and performance) whose synthesis changes the expected definitions of choreographic art. 
His pieces are always proposed as experiments, questions addressed directly to the spectator. 
Trained initially as an actor, he began dancing with the choreographers Thierry Thieu-Niang and Georges Appaix before beginning to dance with Boris Charmatz (in Herses, Une lente introduction, Con forts fleuve). 
In 2001, he presented his first piece, Jachères improvisations, inspired by a photo of an installation by the plastician Stan Douglas. 
He continued to work on his own pieces while still participating in other artists’ pieces. In 2005 he created Hauts Cris (miniature), then Incantus (2007), Souffles (2010) and Bine (2011), a performance installation in which he confronted movement with the poetic universe of Charles Pennequin.