10:00 - 17:00

In this workshop we will create a new sensibility and understanding, defining individuality through clarity, precision, focus and awareness.
The class consists of a collection of ideas which lead to a better understanding of coordination, the differences between balance and off-balance and articulating high quality movement. These essentials are the basis for all dance training, regardless of style.
Movement Awareness is my personal take on what creates grace and a higher level of artistry in the moving body. During the workshop we will examine the various components of movement : dynamics, momentum, direction, inclination, rhythm and velocity, using them as improvisational tools. We will work with improvisational modalities and ideas as tools, such as cross hemispheric exercises, planes, inclinations, folding and isometrics. Working with this type of improvisation can modify the way you see and experience dance, and it will highlight your qualities in performance. It also allows for high levels of creativity which often translates into breakthrough results.
The Forsythe improvisational techniques are a way of working with movement developed by William Forsythe and the Ballett Frankfurt. Most contemporary works have been influenced by these powerful tools and ideas.

— Tamas Geza Moricz
He is a Hungarian-born dancer, teacher, choreographer who is most known for his decade-long collaboration with William Forsythe, the Ballett Frankfurt and the Forsythe Company. He also performed in pieces by Jan Fabre, Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek and many more. Although primarily trained as a classical ballet dancer, Tamas has also studied many other training methods, including butoh, yoga, hip-hop, therapeutic exercise and sports, as well as various styles of classical ballet and contemporary dance. Working with Forsythe’s improvisational techniques has inspired him to see further possibilities in the choreographic process. Currently he is creating and teaching at some of the world’s foremost dance companies, universities and schools, such as the Boston Conservatory of Music and Dance, the Palucca Schule in Dresden, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s P.A.R.T.S, the Angelin Preljocaj Company, the Cullberg Ballet...


++ Open classes on April 22 to 26
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