In residency in September from 10 to 19, 2012

For this new work, Sylvie Pabiot continues her exploration of identity and inter-individual relationships in contemporary society.The choreographer frames her investigation in a work blending dance, theatre and the plastic arts. Basing her work on ordinary movements and actions from everyday life, four dancers construct and deconstruct a social space in permanent motion.

— Sylvie Pabiot
Having studied both philosophy and contemporary dance, Sylvie Pabiot has danced with many choreographers, including Maguy Marin and Lia Rodriguez. She founded the compagnie Wejna in 2004, and choreographed several works for it : Un Détroit, R, Objecte and Rezo. In 2010, she created Rumeurs, based on texts by Daniel Keene, and 1+1, a work for a string quartet and four dancers, to be performed in a public space. She has also participated on other interdisciplinary projects mixing theatre, music and video.