“While creating Score I returned to the country where I was born, Israel, to collect soundbites; snippets of language and life. I then tried to bring the thriving pulse that I think defines the country and the intense dynamics that characterize human relationships in Israel to life on stage. It is a country of ‘high-tension energy with strong emotions shaped by survival and emergencies and raw, unmitigated feelings. It is something you see in the way people talk, move and communicate. The three characters on stage are archetypes; the personification of human nature as I experienced it on my journey. Score was designed as a mosaic, a playful composition, a tableau of alternating scenes to produce a metaphor of the country’s beauty and complexity while conveying its peoples’ yearning for a different kind of reality.” 
Yuval Pick 

Acoustic credits

Recorded: Israel, Sept. 09, recorded with 2xDPA 4060/ 2x shoeps mk4/ Fostex FR2 Editing and composition (except ©): Bertrand Larrieu & Yuval Pick

Part I
— Tel Aviv, club rock Levontin: a balance between the sound engineer and the musicians of the group Haivrit and an excerpt Al tenasi © of the same group (remixed) plus impro on synth Axolotl — www.myspace.com/haivrit 

Part II
— Tel Aviv, downtown, 4 AM: raw recordings around a night-time snack bar with a techno DJ, open to the street

Part III
— At a Druze village, Kfar-Mrar (northern Galilee): around a café, Bilal Abou-Gosh, Druze singer, sung a cappella — Tel Aviv, Hayarkon Park, 11 PM: Ruth Dolores Weiss sings Yakinton © a cappella — www.myspace.com/ruthdoloresweiss

Part IV
— Sounds of a shofar (raw and manipulated), an instrument of Judaic liturgy (Tel Aviv) and a Catholic procession in the village of Machul (northern Gallilee): drums, brass and bagpipes, and a collective prayer for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), at the flea market in Jaffa (Tel Aviv) and diverse ambiances and sound treatments

Part V
— Tel Aviv: GPS of a taxi and the sounds of traffic lights for the blind, diverse ambiances and Damien Cluzel improvising on the guitar: Worldizing © (Lyon) — www.myspace.com/damiencluzel

In the press

“…The choreographer’s maddening dancing expresses the eagerness for living. This dazzling and deeply moving tale tells us about love, war, emergency and fear. The 3 dancers are exceptionally skilful and they are responding with a perfection to the imposed torrid pace of the piece and as well to the required dramatic intensity. One cannot emerge unscathed from this quest of identity cause this piece translates with accuracy the reality of a population who is prepared to do anything to survive.”
— Danser, extract - by Sophie Lesort, december 2010

“Yuval Pick’s dance is sharp, physical and powerful. It converses here with a soundtrack which is composed from street noises, testimonies and tries to reproduce this wonderful life impulse that crosses this country despite the war. His piece transmits these “raw” affects into a mosaic, directly from dancers’ bodies to those of the spectators.” 
— Le Petit Bulletin, extract - by Jean-Emmanuel Denave, march 2011