Come to discover or perhaps to re-discover two pieces
from Yuval Pick's repertory.

PlayBachcreated in 2010, sets up a play area in which the dancers play with baroque and playful images on a playlist of Bach's music.

eddies, created in 2015, is a hallucinatory quartet. The virtuosic incarnation of an acoustic universe which shifting adroitly between lyricism and futurism. 

To revisit Bach’s oeuvre, Yuval Pick and his dancers created a playlist of the classic works in the Bach repertory. 
Using an Ipod, they zap from one excerpt to another, creating their own acoustic space in real time. 
Based on this musical universe, Yuval Pick created a choreographic score, based on an exploration of the concept of weight: working with the weight of another person means accepting him or her with all his or her baggage, constantly adjusting, being transformed by his or her touch. 
The piece renders this kind of communication visible, signs of a heightened awareness of the other partner, the use of a common vocabulary which has developed out of the relationships between the performers.

First of all, eddies is about a choreographer and a composer’s shared interest in conceiving - using their respective arsenals of creative materials - a new space onstage, a common space. 
The electronic sound and the French medieval songs spread and diffract, barely brushing against each other, facing off against each other, and the four dancers tackle it all, creating spatial trajectories and embodying this acoustic universe, shifting easily between lyricism and futurism. 
Dance and music are like waves, ebbing and flowing, jets of energy striating the space, rendering it live, palpable. A convergence of materials, this quartet invites us to experience something new and hallucinatory, a community ritual for our time.