Danse Tout Terrain

A CCNR's project created in 2013 which proposed a piece by Yuval Pick PlayBach and a piece by the Canadian French Frédérick Gravel 
BWV 245 created especially for this project.
Aim : bringing contemporary dance to audiences who are the most removed from the dance circuit and creating new territories for dance in the Rhône-Alpes region with towns and local players

This project still exists today with two pieces by Yuval Pick : 
loom and PlayBach.

To revisit Bach’s oeuvre, Yuval Pick and his dancers created a playlist of the classic works in the Bach repertory. 
Using an Ipod, they zap from one excerpt to another, creating their own acoustic space in real time. 
Based on this musical universe, Yuval Pick created a choreographic score, based on an exploration of the concept of weight: working with the weight of another person means accepting him or her with all his or her baggage, constantly adjusting, being transformed by his or her touch. 
The piece renders this kind of communication visible, signs of a heightened awareness of the other partner, the use of a common vocabulary which has developed out of the relationships between the performers.

BWV 245
For Danse Tout Terrain, Frédérick Gravel has created six short studies based on Bach’s music, which creates a through-line. 
The dancers amuse themselves by overstepping it or matching it beat for beat. We cannot help seeing them as a couple, a dance couple performing the stages of a relationship in an order more rhythmic than narrative. 
Each étude is a stand-alone dance and the dancers remain who they are, but they allow the music and the images to play with the spectators’ imaginations. Their simple, unaffected performance make the movements and tableaux easier to interpret. The most well-known piece in the musical score is the Passion According to St. John, here used in four out of six études. The contrast between the sacred music and the trivial scenes performed by the dancers affects our take, making it difficult to ascertain if the dancers are celebrating or denigrating the featured actions.