In residency from June 18 to July 20 and from October 8 to November 8, 2012

A dance piece for two women, a poet and a composer, involving a somewhat absurd attempt to find traces of wildness inside the dense, solid architecture of Rillieux-la-Pape. Having spent parts of the summer and autumn recording sounds in the area around the CCNR, Piotr Kurek continues his research into dance, music and poetry.

— Piotr Kurek
A composer whose principal sources of inspiration are currently ele- ments of contemporary and electronic music, Piotr Kurek collects all kinds of materials which he uses to enrich his musical compositions. His large library, consisting of priceless one-of-a-kind 78 rpm vinyl records, tapes which have never been played in public, also includes a collection of recorded sounds and acoustic environments which Kurek has recorded himself. And it is by choosing elements from this immense acoustic palette that Kurek composes, distorts and transforms sound, creating musical pieces which could be called acoustic collages or fabrics. He has collaborated with many dance and theatre companies, artists and recording labels, and has participated in many festivals in Germany, Poland and Hungary. He was nominated several times for his work.

M4m - M for Mobility
M4m is a programme of artistic mobility for young artists, launched by the Pépinières Européennes, with support from the European Commission and implemented by seven co-signers and associated partners. This program promotes meetings, exchanges and working together for young artists and young professionals in the creative and cultural professions, each with different roles at different stages of the creation of a work. 
The CCNR is a partner of this programme and has chosen to host the Polish musician and composer Piotr Kurek. His project is to question the specificity of the building housing the CCNR and its relationship to its human and architectural environment. He plans to collect certain acoustic recordings, then organise them into a musical composition. Meetings with other local artists will feed into this work, culminating in a public presentation whose format has yet to be determined.