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In residency from April 24 to May 05, 2017

What makes tradition ?A necessarily ancestral practise or just any practice, maybe younger, but which irrigates a culture, builts it and constitutes it ? Is the tradition necessarily a society concern, thus collective, or could it be individual ? Can it belong to the history of each, as well to the History ?Is the same way as Khon makes tradition for Pichet Klunchun, hip hop from urban cultures, makes tradition for Olé Khamchanla, both negotiating with tradition and contemporanity.

A meeting as a cycle created together, like a negotiation, intransigent and innovative : tradition, modernization, innovation, one day in turn, will become tradition. Every traditional art form that is passed today was, prior to exist, contemporary at a time in history.How negotiate with our origins and tradition with which we cannot divorce for create a new dance ? How the negotiation animate this dancers in a personnal research of a compromise and succeed to bring them together ?
From traditional to contemporary, what corporeality transforms the original, what hybrid movement codes, what writing tells a new story? 

Pichet Klunchun and Olé Khamchanla, two worlds, two traditions, a common experience of Asia, its dances and modernization. They explore, negotiate and question their origins, which today makes them dance alone, in pairs, in contrast, and in unison. Raw material, moving matter, repeated, transformed, reinterpreted, traditionality will only revisited.

 Olé Khamchanla / Cie KHAM
KHAM company was founded in 2011 by Olé KHAMCHANLA it is based in St Vallier in the Drôme (France).
KHAM symbolically refers to the first solo of the choreographer, "Kham ...", which he created in Thailand, Laos and France in 2007. This piece is the beginning of an original exploration that makes him discover the traditional dances of his region Native, Southeast Asia, and who since then, continue to nurture his work and the company's activities.Originally from Laos, Olé Khamchanla discovered hip-hop dance in 1990, then trained in different dances (contemporary, capoeira ...).
Little by little, he finds his style, a way of dancing which is his own and which allows him to assert himself on the stage of dance.

The company's artistic work is developed through contemporary choreographic creations mixing hip-hop and traditional dances from Southeast Asia, and not hesitating to experiment with cross-connections with other forms of expression such as theater, singing, painting or video.

Premieres : January 30 + 31, 2018: Pôle Sud / CDC Strasbourg (fr)