I decided to mix two different musical works, percussion scores, minimal abstract music : The anvil chorus, whose intense, pounding percussive beat, an essentially pure composition, attracted me immediately, and The so-called laws of nature, which is built around the idea of discovering how shapes are formed, how they change, deconstructing and reconstructing themselves again. My response to these two pieces was to look for simple, basic movements to develop for the dancers’ bodies. The percussive movements of the musicians inspired me greatly, and I began working with the concept of gravity. The working process for this piece has been different from previous works. Here I am asking for minimal movement while maintaining expressiveness, a process of synthesis in which I wished to keep only that which is essential in the movement, to go with this primal, structured, tribal music. This is also the first time I am working with live musicians onstage. As their presence and their posture are important onstage, I decided to place the percussion ensemble into a ceremonial position relative to the space and the stage itself.

« Rite ‘no hero’
Groupies, No hero
No Play Hero
Play No Hero
No heroes, and Groupe. »
Yuval Pick