In a crescendo combining strength and subtle delicacy, the duet Motifs, interpreted with virtuosity by Marthe Krummenacher and Pierre Pontvianne, exposes two bodies linked through their hands until they reach the impossible.

«The man and the woman are bound together, their bodies and movements are fused, between darkness and light. A very moving, hypnotic and repetitive dance, circular and fluid (...).»
Le Progrès, November 14 

«Motifs is a performance in which bodies intertwine and dancing is like the mediaeval illumination of a distorted love (...).»
Le Temps, October 15

— Pierre Pontvianne
Trained at the Saint Etienne Conservatory and at the Ecole Superieure de Danse in Cannes, he was the Prize-winner of Prix de Lausanne in 1999. He joined then the Nederlands Dans Theater in 2000. In 2002, he started a career as a freelancer in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Norway, working between alternative projects and international companies (Prue Lang, Alisson Brown, Bruno Listopad...) (Frankfurt Ballet, Carte blanche...). In 2004, he founded the PARC company with Emilie Tournaire.  In 2012, he created the solo dance souffle, in 2013, punkt, in 2014, the choreographic duo motifs with the dancer Marthe Krummenacher.Since 2014 he has collaborated as artistic partner for choreographer Medhi Walersky for his creations CHAMBER at the Oslo opera, AUREEUM and GARDEN for the NDT and PRELUDE and NATUS with the BC Ballet.In 2015 Pierre Pontvianne contributed his own part of la sextet to passion(s) a project with 9 other choreographers around Johannes-Sebastian Bach’s Passion according to St Matthew. In 2016, he created the solo Janet on the roof with dancer Marthe Krummenacher.