10:00 to 11:30

The Instrument 

The Instrument teaching is a physical laboratory, offering a wide and rich practice / experience through the senses, the articulation of movement in time and space and the imagination. The act of 'the body as an instrument' suggests a deep attitude of perception and exploration. In many respects it allows the body and its plural systems to guide us, to live, behave and create in synchronization with our visions, perspectives and intelligence. This is manifested through form, energy, rhythm, touch and resonance. Along our practice we develop awareness, availability for new sensations and a broadening of our physical capacities. Clarity of presence in action is offered in every momentary task, and the importance of pleasure is valued as a professional / performable state. The class is conducted with flexible transitions between physical qualities, expressiveness and attentiveness. While directing of all this information in space and time- we stay dynamic and alive, exposed to social updates, humanness and performance.

— Maya M. Carroll
Maya M. Carroll is a Berlin based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her independent work began in 2004 in Israel, and continues in Berlin and Europe since 2005.
As a dancer she has worked with BatSheva Company, Lara Barsacq, Arkadi Zeides, Sasha Waltz and Guests and Julyen Hamilton to name a few.
Working as a choreographer and teacher all over Germany and Europe she has been making dances and performing her work in state theaters, independent venues and alternative spaces. Maya's work evolves from the tension and interplay between reality and fantasy while reflecting on radical human conditions and relationships.
Sound, images, poetry and music speak through the body and articulate narratives and emotional realms.
Her physical work detects details, hunts for beauty and survival. In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument – an artistic structure standing for her independent and collaborative work with composer Roy Carroll.
Side by side to creating dance pieces, producing works and touring, Maya leads open classes and workshops in Berlin and abroad on a regular basis. Her compositional and choreographic language is continuously researched and shared in her class.

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