In residency on January 02 to 13, 2017
Residency in response to the competition [re]connaissance 2015

BROTHER is a dance piece which establishes a complementarity relation with the previous work HU(R)MANO. 
In brother there is a common ancestry and research for affinity and similarity points which survived through generational transfer and are still reminiscent in the bodies and in the nowadays dance in urban collective context. By a constant mimicry between the performers it is developed a non-verbal vocabulary that becomes regenerated and transformed by the individual commitment or unlocked manifestations, over time.
Movable bridges emerge and fade away between the now and the faraway. 

Brother is a constant “bother”.

An attempt of a common pump, a feeling of belonging and affection, an echo of an outside force, and indeed an assumed fragility by the finitude and loss statement. An overnight stay for this place which it is done by doing. 
What do we look for together through dance?  
At the macro-scale this is a thought about heritage, memory, codes, learning and transmission processes.  

— Marco da Silva Ferreira    
Marco da Silva Ferreira is an active player on the burgeoning Portuguese dance scene, he worked with artists such as André Mesquita, Hofesh Schechter, Sylvia Rijmer, Tiago Guedes and Victor Hugo Pontes, before launching into choreography himself.
Hu(r)mano, his second piece, has earned him a nomination for Best Young Portuguese Artist of 2014.
Inspired by an urban dance vocabulary, he plays with the tension between the "human me" and the "urban we." Four bodies come together — strong and confident in their intrinsic individuality. But ever building posturing and looks gradually morph into a collective relationship of surprising beauty. Oscillating between alienation and connection, the foursome unpretentiously yields to various stages of transformation.