In residency in March from 18 to 29, 2013

“The future belongs to the ghosts.”
This phrase by Jacques Derrida is the starting point for the new creation by Magali Milian and Romuald Luydlin, the founding members of the La Zampa company. 
It echoes the words of the thriller writer Caryl Férey whom they have asked to participate in the creative process: “ He who doesn’t wake a sleeper/ He who counts millions/ He who sleeps in his own body/ He who rests between the rocks in the deep/ He who believes in the cloud of powder/ He who swallows his own arm/ He who closes his eyes in the evening and brings everything back during the night.” 
These words evoke the collapse and disappearance of bodies erased by society (workers rendered insecure, homeless, marginalized). 
There is no direct evocation of a social fiction, but it is La Zampa’s way of suggesting, of revealing -- what? A threat, diffuse, muffled, impalpable – churning along underground during these troubled times. 

— Magali Milian studied first at the conservatory in Avignon, then at the CNDC in Angers. Romuald Luydlin trained in Butoh with Sumako Koseki and in Noh theatre with Master Kano. Together, they practice aikido and different approaches to the body. They founded their company La Zampa, in which they are both choreographers and dancers.
Since 2000, they have tried different formats (small forms, group works, short films, performance pieces). In 2005 with the project Dans le Collimateur, a commission from DSN-Dieppe Scène Nationale, they elaborated further their relationship to music. And from this experience a collaboration began, which continues today with the GMEA/Albi-Tarn, the National Center for Musical Creation. 
Certain of their pieces (La Tombe du Plongeur, Call me Sand, Dream on track 1) are presented at musical venues, opportunities for them to acquaint themselves with different scenic presentations.
They also created performance works with the collective Red Sniper (Patrick Codenys, a musician, the founder of the groupFront 242 and a collaborator with the Company since 2005, and the plastician Kendell Geers).
They performed in Crash(s)! Variation, a creation by Bruno Geslin.
In 2010, their encounter with the guitarist Marc Sens and the rapper Casey was another step forward on their creative journey. Requiem, a piece constructed in stages, is rooted in unexpected contexts and sites: an abandoned swimming pool, a prehistoric grotto, a loading dock, a chapel.
In 2012, they joined the writers’ collective Les Habits Noirs (Caryl Férey, Jean-Bernard Pouy) for the creation of Dégradés.
The same year, under the auspices of the project Modul-dance supported by the European Union and established by the EDN (European Dancehouse Network), they createdSpekies, a piece for a dancer and a guitarist.