In residency in February from 11 to 22 and in March from 20 to 27, 2013

sexe symbole (pour approfondir le sens du terme)

 This is a sort of back-and-forth, a fictional reflection between self and self, between Jonas and Madeleine, between you and us. It is a question of identity. It is about what we are, what we think we are, what we would like to be, how we think we are perceived and how we would like to be perceived … It’s about our bodies, our desires, our ambivalences, what attracts us and at the same time repels us, all interspersed with ideal images and the binarism of language. Are we necessarily either identical or different, like hot and cold, soft and hard? And if a part of the body begins to move, what is it in us that also begins to move?”
- Madeleine Fournier and Jonas Chéreau (October 2012)

— Madeleine Fournier
studied dance at the Regional Conservatory in Paris, then at the CNDC in Angers. She has danced with Odile Duboc, Anna Konjeztky, Laure Bonicel, Emmanuelle Huynh, Fabrice Lambert, Sara Manente, Fanny de Chaillé and Philippe Ramette and Loic Touzé. 

— Jonas Chéreau
Having earned a degree in History, Jonas Chéreau studied at the CNDC in Angers before working with Philipp Gehmacher and Christine de Smedt, Boris Charmatz, Daniel Larrieu, Laure Bonicel, Michel Ozeray and Anne Buguet, Fanny de Chaillé and Philippe Ramette. 
Jonas and Madeleine have worked together since 2008. In 2011 they co-signed the creation of Les Interprètes ne sont pas à la hauteur, a piece in which they imagined what danses macabres were like, pictoral and sculptural dances very popular in medieval times, which have never been transposed onto a stage. Their research, overlaid with a certain burlesque tone, brought them to integrate their investigation with their contemporary dance background in a rigorous choreographic language. 
sexe symbole (pour approfondir le sens du terme) is their second piece together.