This  original new piece takes its inspiration from a quote: “a dancer in motion produces the same curves and straight lines that a painter or a sculptor inscribes in immobile matter […] art is always an orchestration of presences, in time and space”(František Kupka, 1923).

Yuval Pick examines the notion of plasticity in dance, the relationship between dance and image in motion, dance as rhythm and measurement, especially in its relation to architecture.

As a vector of expressiveness and subjectivity, bodily engagement is a common value in the visual and performing arts, whether it is engaged for itself or directed towards creation on a medium. Through transversal movements that circulate between the center and the periphery of the body, inducing twists and turns, Yuval Pick seeks to push the body to its limits; the breadth and form of his movements create different spatialities, progressing from a line to polyhedra, allowing the construction of a space that corresponds to a work. The choreographic writing is further enriched by an investigation into the sound and its diffusion ; drawing inspiration from La Chambre Claire(Camera Lucida) by Roland Barthes, Yuval Pick immerses the senses in an attempt to forge a passage from the studium, which belongs to the cultural and social realm and to the external structure of intentionality, to the punctum, this subtle, indicative out-of-range area, this indescribable element, this chance thing that pierces through and awakens something inside, a sensitive zone, that touches, stings, and brings it to life.  This real-time creation articulates a solo with different explosive spaces in  dialogue with the works of several artists.