In residency in October from 06 to 17, 2014

The structure will be based on the musical piece the Goldberg's Variations the well-known piece written by Johann Sebastian Bach.
I would like to involve different sound textures and to research the somewhat classical or baroque ideas in a contemporary context.
The music will guide the piece with ideas of analytical emotions, dividing it into 30 variations of the theme. 
The piece will try to tell a story through a non narrative structure, and to involve text as a confessional tool. 
The idea is to deconstruct the piece through the use of the emotional over the analytical. 

— Iris Erez 
She danced for Yasmine Godder and Arkadi Zaides. 
Her talent was rewarded by several prizes. Since 2003, she works on her own creations. 
Recently she created Homesick remarkable and remarked.