In residency in March from 19 to 30, 2012

How do we perceive the world surrounding us ?
When does the alteration of reality transforms the One in a radically different Other, at the border of a common world ?
If reality is rooted in a shared apprehension, some situations deeply question the possibility to create a world together. Just as madness, opposing "delirium" and "reality", some agnosias question the genesis of a common world. The alterations of cognitive faculties usually associated with those neurologic troubles are linked to an alteration of reality. At a time when we're reinventing/altering the body and when new technologies bring more and more subjectivity in our lives, we are already used to see people behaving as if they were talking to themselves in public, behavior beforehand considered as dementia. Some people, interacting with specific technological attributes are placed in a different reality than the observer's who, unconscious of the interface, might judge this behavior as dysfunctionnal. Other reality, augmented reality, virtuality anchored in reality ?
How to construct a common world when interfaces differ, and when the differences in perceiving reality are actually deconstructing it ?

— Groupe Entorse
Following numerous meetings during choreographic performances, short pieces and workshops, the collective premieres its first piece in 2008, love affair Green Girl. In 2010 Accidens (ce qui arrive) is signed by the same authors than [àut] : Samuel Lefeuvre, dancer and choreograph (Alain Platel / Peeping Tom / Lisi Estaras) Raphaëlle Latini, musician and scenograph (Vincent Dupont / Peeping Tom / Michele Anne De Mey) and Nicolas Olivier, light designer ( Frédéric Flamand / Ultima Vez / Michèle Anne De Mey / Pierre Droulers...)