In residency in January from 2 to 11, 2013

Gaetano Battezzato thinks of this new creation, Voix Off, as an autoportrait, an opportunity for him to revisit his twenty-five years in the dance profession, mixing in some of his childhood memories, his initial encounter with dance and the influences which have been part of his long creative journey. A solo which expresses the absolute impossibility of capturing oneself in a fixed identity. As Paul Valéry said when speaking of Stendhal: “He who confesses lies, fleeing the true truth, which is either nonexistent, shapeless and quite indistinct.” Gaetano Battezzato uses his humor and talent to play with the limits separating fiction and reality, truth and lies. A movement autoportrait consisting of multiple impulses, contractions, returns and twists. 

— Gaetano Battezzato discovered dance and theatre while he was still a student in architecture and sculpture at the Beaux Arts School in Catania, Italy. After finishing his studies, he decided to continue his training, going to Rome, London, Essen and New York where he focused on contemporary dance, acrobatics, classical ballet and tai chi. In 1984, he founded the Groupe Efesto with Donatella Capraro and Marcello Parisi, the director and anthropologist. In the following years 20 productions, choreographic works and operas were created, during which time Gaetano Battezzato became one of the most well-known dancers in new Italian dance. In 1994, he founded a new company with Marina Blandini, the Compagnie Teatri del vento. Together they began a long research period dealing with the relationship between dance and image, creating another 20 pieces, some of which are L’Acqua la Pietra, Métamorphoses, Zoo, Le jardin des délices, Festa, Open the Door and See and Nyx. Since 2007, Gaetano Battezzato has created more than ten works on his own, Hanami, Keep in out and Just to relax on the river.