Piece for 4 dancers 

19-25 july - Residencies and work stage presentation at the Fabrique Jaspir
November / december - One month of residency and work stage at the Luxembourg Choreographic Creation Center TROIS C-L Asbl 

16-19 november  – Residencies - Scenario Pubblico / Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza, Catania (IT)
20-22 november - Work stage presentation - Scenario Pubblico / Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza, Catania (IT)

With this new project, which encourages each of the performer-creators to express their full creative potential, Yuval Pick wants to reactivate all the richness of their childhood creativity.
He partners with Max Bruckert to develop a soundscape that allows the dancers to intermingle their voices, autobiographical narratives, and score with sounds they record and remix live.
Yuval Pick explores and sets in motion new ways of welcoming otherness in all its individuality, to found a new utopia based on a creative form of collective intelligence. 
While individual times seem out of sync and social connections more erratic, the choreographer tries to create a common rhythm; from a dynamic perspective, Yuval Pick updates the idiorrhythmic model of society developed by Roland Barthes (Comment Vivre Ensemble, 1976-1977), based on a flexible conception of constraint: no rigid rules but incentives that guide the relationship with others according to associative modalities. The coordination of individual rhythms with those of the group results from a choice between different possibilities, corresponding to a need. 

He approaches this complexity by opening the doors of the unusual, the extra-ordinary and bizarre; and enlists Paul Andriamanana, whose oversized, colorful costumes, invite us to go beyond the limits of the body and imagination.