In residency in March from 16 to 27, 2015

After Solitudes solo, welcomed in residence in 2011, Daniel Léveillé returns with Solitudes duo. 
He will explore the structure of duets, questioning what intimacy is and how it affects us in this technological world.
Alternating on stage, two dancers expose themselves in all their complexity and in a subtle simplicity the relationships of a couple. 
Daniel Léveillé solicits the simplicity and imperfection, the former for the purity it allows and the latter for the fragility it emits. 
Bolstered strongly by the celebrated Keyboard Concertos by Bach, he will expose humanity in movement. 

— Daniel Léveillé

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, Daniel Léveillé Danse's Artistic Director, visual artist.
In 1977, Daniel Léveillé abandoned his architecture studies to begin dance training with Lawrence Gradus at the Entre-Six Dance Company, and with Martine Époque at Groupe Nouvelle Aire. 
He danced briefly for the GNA (1979-1980), but his interest was in creation and he choreographed his first pieces for the Choréchanges : LE BAS ROUGE DE BÉATRICE, with Louise Lecavalier and OCRE (1978). 
From 1978 to 1981, he was one of the dancers chosen by Françoise Sullivan on the occasion of her return to dance. 
His working experience with this woman, whose artistic vision fell outside traditional formalism and fashions, would play a determining role in his future as a creator.