In residency from May 21 to June 7, 2013

“In 2004, I went to see a performance in Istanbul whose title I no longer remember. A few minutes before the end of the piece, a group of men appeared out of nowhere, performing a very short folk dance, then disappearing. I felt something very strong, I was stunned: a profound, almost archaic emotion rippled through my entire being. And it stayed with me. 
The starting point for this new project is that reminiscence, more exactly exploring exactly what it was that “answered” back so clearly. I must go back into my memories, finding imaginary, abstract and probably fictional pathways. 
Another important element is time, the digression between the effort of remembering, the projection into the future and the composition of the present. I am not looking to restage a pre-existing dance in its globality, it is more about understanding why I suddently felt such empathy for this particular dance form, how the impact of its performance is still for me a desirable source. 
The factual, decontextualised observation of movements, often so similar between these dances, offers me an ideal terrain for examining certain notions of community, trance, repetition and minimalism …” Christian Rizzo (April 2012) 

— Christian Rizzo
He has worked in fashion, music and the plastic arts, while also performing with many contemporary choreographers, among them Mathilde Monnier, Mark Tompkins, Vera Mantero… before founding his own company, l'association fragile, in 1996. 
Working in multiple media and projects, performances and contemporary art installations, this eclectic artist has been confirmed as one of the most unique choreographers of his generation, deploying a fantastic universe onstage which has never been seen anywhere else. 
Among his more recent creations, there are mon amour (2008), l’oubli, toucher du bois (2010), le bénéfice du doute (2012), sakinan göze çöp batar (2012) et néo-fiction (2012). He also staged and directed four operas for “Théâtre du Capitole” in Toulouse, including Tannhäuser de Richard Wagner in 2012.
In 2013, Christian Rizzo will create de quoi tenir jusqu’à l’ombre, a piece for « lʼOiseau Mouche » company (Roubaix).