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Transforming the idea of presence
Using a rather radical pedagogical approach, Benoît Lachambre proposes working on the self-motivation of body impulses. His research focuses on the hyper-awareness of the senses, connecting also to the distribution of weight and gravitational forces. 
He works on the alignment and the imagination of the participant who is invited to enhance his or her sensorial awareness by increasing awaresness of the nature of a movement in a specific context, a “living” space, opening the mind and harmonizing each internal, stimulated space. 
This allows the dancers to better recognize the dynamics of interior and exterior movement, a holistic cognizance of the body and its environment ... 

— Benoît Lachambre
His creative work is strongly influenced by the techniques of improvisation and releasing, the kinaesthetic exploration of movement. 
In his pieces, Benoît seeks to render the performer more dynamic, modifying his or her empathetic experience with the spectator. 
Along with his work as both choreographer and dancer, he has also become quite well-known for his teaching and the workshops he has taught around the world for more than 20 years.  He founded his company, Par B.L.eux, in Montréal in 1996 and has collaborated with many ranking international choreographers. 
Benoît has created 16 pieces and has participated in more than 20 productions and received 25 choreographic commissions. His two most recent creations, Snakeskins and Chutes Incandescentes have been touring since May of 2012.

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