In residency from February 17 to February 29, 2020

The session is a time reiterating an experience that seeks to reveal a sensitivity from a particular listening of our environment, especially that of our deceased. Using collections of fetish objects, uncovered paths explore the relationship between the body and the unconscious, where the invisible communicates with the visible. The mix between physical language, objects and song distinguishes La Séance. A ceremony of intimacy inviting everyone to take care of their own existence.

Within Kopfkino, Benjamin Coyle draws a singular choreographic work, surrounded by interpreters whom he approaches above all as strong presences. In these processes he invites dancers, musicians & composers, visual artists and anthropologists. His writing is marked by an interest in atypical postulates, pretexts for a constant questioning of the set. A writing that is neither afraid of playing with our perception of time, nor de-burying memories that tend to universality. By incorporating in light work that of smells in, The Individual Failure ', or by writing a solo for 1m2 Kopfkino tries to make define his credo: to give the viewer the desire to work his magic thinking, giving to see new articulations between sound, visual and energetic universe.