In residency from February 25 to March 8, 2013

Like a façade of bodies, 4 women are standing far downstage. The movements they do are a synthesis of their own styles, break dance and popping. 
This dance model, fairly homogenous at its inception, is then interrupted by digressions catapulting the dancers into open space: occupying empty surfaces, trajectories cut off or hijacked, crossings and rapid exchanges, limited sharing of space: the bodies face off, defining the shapes and respective positions which are part of the common choreography, the point at which they retreat or rally their collective thinking. 
Autarcie (....) is inspired by what they call the “cat” game, in which certain spaces are defined as inviolable “houses.” The dancers, as long as they return to their places in the frontal choreography, are protected from any eventuality or attempt at communication, but if they step away from those spaces, anything can and will happen.
Among the 4 dancers, 2 are break dancers and the 2 others are poppers. As the duos take shape, they move toward symbiosis with dancers of the same technique, while also playing off the contrasts and repulsion between dancers of different techniques.

— Anne Nguyen is a regular in the world of hip-hop battles. Having danced with several hip-hop and contempory dance companies (Black Blanc Beur, Faustin Linyekula, Salia Nï Seydou, among others), in 2005 she founded the company, par Terre, and she created Racine Carrée (2007), Keep it Funky! (2007), L’Esprit Souterrain (2008) Yonder Woman (2010), PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE (2012)… 
Her work blends elements of contemporary dance and hip-hop movement as well as components of martial arts, notably from the Brazilian form capoeira. 
Her dancing is unique and is not easily categorised as belonging to any particular style, helping her to take hip-hop out of the narrative structure in which it is often constrained. By using the dance form’s energy and her own physical and acrobatic commitment, she develops a geometrical relationship to movement and space which focuses her dance into more abstract territory.