In residency from January 29 to February 03, 2017

An intriguing, nearly endless relay race of live movement, images, film, sound and words. A submission, a contemplation, an indictment, a lament, a resignation. A creation that explores the fine line between failure and success. A creation that questions man and society. That reflects on choices never made, opportunities never taken, mistakes that still haunt and grate, desires that are still unfulfilled.  
The principal source of inspiration for Accusations is the text Self-Accusation written by the Austrian playwright and author Peter Handke.
Ann Van den Broek’s point of departure is an autobiographical lecture and focuses on the lines separating dance and theater, concerts and performances.
The performers take spectators on a journey of self-reflection as they try to find a better version of themselves. Is the notion that one can change everything a painful illusion?
A powerful and provocative total theater experience for performers and spectators alike.

— Ann Van den Broek / WArd/waRD (NL/BE)
WArd/waRD is the Dutch-Flemish dance company of Belgian choreographer Ann Van den Broek. Over the past 15 years she has left her mark on the dance scene in Belgium and the Netherlands, and she has built a solid reputation in the international dance world with her clear, accessible dance idiom and distinctive aesthetics.   Key elements in Ann Van den Broek’s work are human behavior patterns, states of mind and impressions that reflect the times we live in. ‘Instinctive’ and ‘explosive’ as well as ‘controlled expression’ have also been used to characterize her work.   The Black Piece (in 2015) and Co(te)lette (in 2008) both won the ‘Zwaan’ (Swan Award) for Most Impressive Dance Production. The Swan Award is the most prestigious Dutch dance prize.Ann Van den Broek has also received the Dioraphte Dance Award for The Black Piece

Premiere : February 24, 2017 at the ccBe (Antwerp - Belgium)