In residency from December 16 to 31 of 2019 and from January 1st to 19 of 2020

Journey to Jerusalem

A Journey to Jerusalem is a dance production project, inspired by the famous children’s game of “Musical Chairs” also known as « Trip to Jerusalem ». The game (Musical Chairs) is of course a metaphor for conflict over space and the right to own and remain in it Not only does it represent the struggle to remain and ultimately win it presents to the audience a repetitive shift in power, a cycle of uncertainty and conflict in which only one person can triumph.   This dance piece uses these metaphors to present and explore the Palestinian Experience of conflict over space and the right to remain we aim to communicate the Impact of the Palestinian conflict on the person through our movements We also Touch on the impact of conflict on how people move by looking at the similarities and Differences in Palestinian folk dance in different areas experiencing varying forms of Warfare and struggle.