An opportunity to meet with the unique work of Yuval Pick :

Morning classes of Practice + research and improvisation

Practice is the method Yuval Pick has been developing for several years. Practice nourishes his dance and dance pieces and it’s the daily training of his company. 

Throughout organic, sensorial and playful images we connect to our “imaginary body” awakening and transforming our central axis.
We generate the sensation of constant movement in it by using different dynamics and intensities. We use rebounds, rhythms, and successive actions to find a broader range of movement, reinforcing relation between body and gravity.
This work gives access to an “internal spiral” that allows us to create varied trajectories, travel and invest the space.
Space becomes a playground. We explore it, modify it, rearrange and invent it.

Suitable for professional dancers, aged 20+ 
Price: 50 € for 4 days

To apply, please send an email to workshop18@ccnr.frincluding your CV and links to videos or other visual material. 
Contact person: Sharon ESKENAZI
Application deadline: June 10th  2018 (limited number of participants)